Corporate Wellness with Lasting Impact

The Center for Relational Health LV specializes in coaching toward Corporate Wellness. Recognizing that our professional relationships are critical to our personal happiness, as well as our organizational success, CRH-LV offers a unique range of trainings in everything from Team Building, to Conflict Management, to Executive Coaching.

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 A courageous community creating personal and professional greatness.

Team Building

As we know, effective leadership requires constant growth and development. Whether you're an aspiring leader, or a seasoned leader dealing with a new generation of employees, the Center for Relational Health LV can assist.

Conflict Management

The Center for Relational Health LV is highly skilled in helping manage conflict. Whether the issues are new or have become explosive, we can assist in restoring harmony.


Leadership Development

Working well as a team requires each individual to surrender their personal agendas toward the betterment of the whole. The Center for Relational Health LV can help.

Relational Coaching

Let's face it... it all comes down to relationships. Sometimes our professional relationships need a little coaching to get on track. Relational Coaching is about teaching your team to work and communicate better together every day.

Speakers Bureau

The Center for Relational Health LV (CRH-LV) Speakers Bureau connects audiences with licensed professionals who can knowledgeably discuss issues pertaining to personal and professional wellness.

If you would like to hire a speaker, or be a speaker, please click here.


Corporate Retreats

Perhaps the best way to work on your work relationships, and to grow as a team and organization, is get out of your regular environment and reconnect to one another and your mission. The Center for Relational Health LV can help.

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