Opening the Closet of My Mind


“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

People’s behaviors have always intrigued me. I love studying mannerisms, motives and the messages we send- congruent and incongruent behaviors- through what we say and what we do. No judgment!!!! I have my “hot mess” days like most of us. And, if it wasn’t for the Big Guy upstairs, I’d have more than just some challenging days. It would be a challenging life!

My intention with the Closet of My Mind project is to explore the physical expression of your master bedroom closet and how it may parallel the thoughts, patterns, and habits that exist in your mind. Are you scared yet? Don’t be! This is meant to bring a smile, a chuckle, and perhaps insight with a dash of inspiration. Just so you know, at no time will I be talking about coming out of the closet, although we will be talking about deep things.

We will explore the fears, desires, dreams and perhaps some quirks of our closet behaviors. We will talk about things such as what we hold on to and how we arrange objects in our closet. Does color coordinating your clothes make a statement about your personality? Perhaps. Let’s be honest… YES!!! Do you have more than just luggage in your closet? Maybe some baggage? It could be time to trade in your Samsonite hardcover blue to a wheeled carry-on. Have you intentionally simplified your life?

Why study the master bedroom closet? I don’t cook, so looking at the kitchen would be like talking in a foreign language. The living room is too obvious. And, who wants to talk about what goes on in the bathroom? The only room of significance left is the master bedroom closet and only the invited (usually the cleaning people) get to look at the reality of what’s in there.

Truth is, I have a fascination with closets. Let me set you all straight… this girl has lived in the same 1,900 square foot house for 25 years and it is all I can do to conduct a “spring cleaning” every 10 years, update an occasional picture or rearrange a couch. This doesn’t stop me from watching television shows where they rehab an entire home, find people a new house in a foreign country, or give tours of a celebrity home, though. I always pay the highest attention to the closets and to whom they belong. Actually, I am mostly interested in the stuff (in the end it’s all stuff, right?) we choose to keep and how we “organize” it.

Have you ever visited a home that had a magazine-worthy front room and a closet that looks like a small bomb went off? Which room is the true reflection of the owner? Self-disclosure: My closet looks like a tornado on most days but my husband is a reflection of the neat living room with a few exceptions. Hint: * Anytime you see this symbol it is a time to reflect.

* I am more intentional about keeping his closet in order than I am mine. I can’t wait to share more with you about my personal insight on this, but we are just getting started, so not yet! Keep reading!

I want your help! This project is not just about me, but it is a way for us to be supportive and to share some giggles together. I don’t need anyone else for me to laugh at myself. But, when I am struggling with something, having a few good friends around is critical for me. We can laugh about the things we store and why. But, truthfully, there are probably some things in your closet that bring some pain. Purging thoughts and things may be a part of this journey for you. In the bible we are instructed to go in our closet and pray to our Father. The Reverend Samuel Lee says the word closet “signifies a secret or recluse habitation, and sometimes it is rendered a hiding place for treasure.” These are words that were true in 1647 and are true today. Our closets can be a hiding place for treasure or a graveyard for shame and guilt.

An important component of this project will be your participation via social media. I want to hear the stories your closet holds for you. I want to know what your master bedroom closet looks like. I will be asking the bravest of you to take pictures and upload them or send them to me. I want to know what you keep in your master bedroom closet. Perhaps you store multiple sizes of clothes, high school yearbooks, love letters, pictures, gifts, tax info, dress up clothes, wedding dress, sports equipment, etc.

I hope you will join me in this journey!

Spinning off the wildly successful Capital One marketing campaign… What’s in your closet?

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