Emotional Intelligence May Mean a Bigger Paycheck

Some people call it “street smarts” or common sense or social skills. Psychologists and mental health professionals have named it “Emotional Intelligence,” and, not surprisingly, it is one of the biggest factors in determining success in our personal and professional lives. As opposed to IQ, EQ (the short term for Emotional Intelligence) is a measure of how well we can related to others and use those relationships to reach goals. For a long time, folks have suspected that street smarts might be more important than book smarts in the workplace. Now, research backs the notion.

Check out this recent article in Psychology Today about EQ:


While EQ is somewhat innate, it can be developed and strengthened in people. The Center for Relational Health LV’s Relational Coaching can help individuals and teams to grow in EQ and better collaboration with one another. Individuals succeeding on their own behalf, and on behalf of the organization, are a tremendous asset.

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