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Founded by professionals passionate about bringing authenticity into the boardroom and strategic outcomes into individual lives.
Go beyond just focusing on the critical attitudes, beliefs and values that drive people to perform.
The BOAR approach to training, development and coaching helps employees to set meaningful goals while fostering self-confidence and fulfillment in their work and achievements.
They will get to know themselves better than they ever thought possible. BOAR Solutions provides a multitude of business solutions to fit every company’s strategy, training and coaching needs.
Kimberly Malloy

Our Approach Incorporates a Unique Design that Ensures Participants Consistently Attain:

  •  Increased job satisfaction
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Decreased call reluctance
  • Retention of top performers
  • Stronger goal clarity

Your Leaders are the Most Important Assets You Have.

They are the ones most-attuned to your company’s potential and performance. When they are at their best, the whole organization benefits.

We are excited to announce that our Chief Inspiration Officer Kimberly Malloy has joined the BOAR Courageous Community and is now launching a BOAR Room for CEOs, business owners and leaders.

BOAR Room participants:

  • Gain Experience From Other Business Leaders
  • Exchange Insight With CEOs And Top Executives
  • Unlock Unlimited Potential
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Gain Clarity Around Blind Spots
  • Improve Decision-Making

To join a BOAR room, contact Kimberly Malloy.

kmalloy@boarcommunity.com | 702-239-4334