The Center for Relational Health is an official partner of HOPE for Prisoners.

HOPE for Prisoners, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that facilitates reentry and reintegration services to men, women, and young adults who are exiting various segments of the judicial system. Operating since 2009, HOPE for Prisoners was formally established as an independent non-profit organization in January 2012 after exponential growth in the reentry arena. Our holistic approach is to encourage and impart HOPE into ex-offenders as we come alongside them and their families in efforts to transform lives and systematically educate society in ways to engage and support them. The program is grounded in the belief that with the proper assistance, ex-offenders returning to the community can overcome the many barriers to successful living that the incarceration experience can create.

HOPE for Prisoners is committed to helping men, women, and young adults successfully reenter the workforce, their families, and our community.

Each year, thousands of men, women, and young adults are released into the community from our judicial system. Many of them lack the basic skill set and necessary know-how to become productive members of society. Many of them truly want to be productive members, but lack the insight into what that productivity looks like.

With great success, HOPE for Prisoners provides comprehensive solutions to many of these unmet needs. The mentoring program is one of the key components to our success. During this program, Hope for Prisoners commits to coming alongside these individuals and assist them in navigating the challenges they might face during the reintegration process. In doing so, they help to create positive reference points for them where reference points may have never existed.